Why Meadow Lark's Asset-Based 3PL Solutions are the Key to Your Business Success

In today's fast-paced business world, finding a logistics partner that can provide flexible and scalable solutions to meet your unique needs is crucial to achieving success. That's why Meadow Lark is proud to be an asset-based 3PL provider, leveraging our extensive network of assets, private fleets, and over 30,000 active carrier partners to deliver exceptional service to our customers. Here's why our capacity, commitment, and personal touch make us the go-to logistics partner for businesses of all sizes.

The Importance of Being an Asset-Based 3PL

At Meadow Lark, we understand that being an asset-based 3PL is crucial to delivering reliable and efficient logistics solutions. As a carrier since 1983, we have developed a deep understanding of the importance of control, communication, and capacity in logistics. We use a combination of our own company trucks, independent owner operators, and core carrier partners to create the flexibility and capacity our clients expect. Your loads will have priority status within our nationwide network of our own tractors and trailers, privately-owned fleets, our Platinum Carrier program, and more.

Guaranteed Capacity Program

One of the biggest challenges for shippers is finding a logistics partner that can provide a solution for any transportation need. At Meadow Lark, we understand the importance of capacity, and that's why we offer our Guaranteed Capacity Program. With this program, you can be confident that you will always have a solution for any transportation need, instead of hearing "no capacity." Our unique approach to carrier management includes personal visits to carrier partners, utilization of Platinum Carriers to match lane data, customized software to create lane synergies, and quality dispatching methods used on every shipment for 98% on-time performance. We also use GPS tracking on all third-party carriers, analyze and discuss carrier performance metrics, and use forecasting and market trends to provide competitive pricing.

Capacity and Commitment

At Meadow Lark, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients. We deliver over 100,000 shipments annually, leveraging our vast network of assets, private fleets, Platinum Plus drivers, and over 30,000 active carrier partners. Our Guaranteed Capacity Program ensures that you always have the capacity you need, while our personal touch and commitment to quality dispatching methods ensure that your shipments arrive on time and in good condition.

Reverse Logistics

Meadow Lark understands that supply chains don't just move in one direction. That's why we offer a range of reverse logistics solutions to help our clients efficiently manage their inventory and assets. Whether you need to return goods to a supplier, manage warranty returns, or handle the disposal of excess inventory, we can help.

Excel in Difficult Lanes

At Meadow Lark, we thrive on difficult lanes that other trucking companies and brokers avoid. Our outbound sales focus on places that others don't want to go, allowing us to deliver exceptional service to clients in remote and challenging locations.

Dedicated Lane Driver Recruiting

To ensure that our customers always have the capacity they need, Meadow Lark has developed a unique driver recruiting process. We focus on recruiting and retaining drivers who specialize in specific lanes, allowing us to provide dedicated customers to our clients and maintain a high level of service quality.

Testimonials from Satisfied Meadow Lark Customers

Don't just take our word for it. Here are three testimonials from satisfied Meadow Lark customers:

"We have been using Meadow Lark as our 3PL provider for several years, and their commitment to quality and service has never wavered. Their asset-based approach provides us with the capacity and flexibility we need to manage our supply chain effectively, and their personal touch and attention to detail and ensure that our shipments arrive on time and in good condition." - Mark, Retail Company

"Meadow Lark's reverse logistics solutions have been a game-changer for our business. They have helped us streamline our operations and reduce waste by efficiently managing our inventory and assets. Their team is always responsive and goes above and beyond to help us meet our business goals." - Jane, Manufacturing Company

"We switched to Meadow Lark after experiencing issues with other logistics providers, and we haven't looked back since. Their dedicated lane driver recruiting process ensures that we always have the capacity we need, even in the most challenging locations. They are a true partner to our business, providing the strategic guidance and support we need to succeed." - Mike, Oil and Gas Company

In conclusion, if you are looking for a logistics partner that can provide scalable, flexible, and reliable solutions, look no further than Meadow Lark. With our asset-based approach, Guaranteed Capacity Program, and personal touch, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients. Request a quote or contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.  

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