The Summer Heat and Your Truck Tires

Ever notice more scraps of tires on the road when the summer heat hits? Heat is an adversary to the tires on your truck and can become an even bigger threat when a blow out happens. Year-round tire maintenance is important but in the summer it may need more than the usual checkup. With costs of tires continuing to rise and hotter months still ahead, it is vital to pay extra attention to those wheels beneath you.

Pre-tripping is vital to ensure any safe travels but one of the most important details are those tires. The summer heat can place more wear and tear on the tires than any other time of year. Preventative maintenance is always a good practice and giving your tires specific care can save you on the road. Below are some pointers that you may or may not already know, but could use a refresher on:

Tire Pressure:

Almost every commercial tire manufacturer has ratings on proper PSI for the tire. Staying on top of the correct pressure during hot weather has many purposes. First, the pressure in your tire changes with temperature; the hotter the outside air is, the more pressure the tire has. Because temperatures fluctuate, it is important to use a tire gauge to ensure proper inflation. By doing this you are not only avoiding flats but also increasing fuel economy by making sure the tire isn’t underinflated. This resulting in more surface area of the tire hitting the road.

Cool Down:

It is recommended that drivers stop every two hours, or 100 miles, which ever comes first, to cool down the tires on extremely hot days. This can prolong the life of the tires by giving the rubber a break from the constant friction with hot ground that can erode the tire. A good rule of thumb is if the tires are too hot to place your hand on, they need to cool down whether that is waiting or running water over them.

Slow Down:

The faster a tire is rubbing on the road, the hotter the tires become, the faster they erode. Slowing down can also save on gas mileage as well. Take it easy in the summer and give your tires a break.

If you follow the above tips, you are less likely to run into treacherous tire issues that could lead to serious accidents out on the road. Another preventative measure is looking into industrial tire sealants that can also expand the life of the tire.

Taking care of yourself, your truck, and your tires are all a part of the job but going the extra mile for your tires can yield a safer trip. For more safety tips, click here!

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