TCA Recognizes Truck Driver Michael as a "Highway Angel" for His Heroic Rescue of Caged Children

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has always been at the forefront of celebrating the unsung heroes of the trucking world. This time, they bring to light the bravery and quick thinking of truck driver Michael. Meadow Lark takes a moment to highlight this incredible act of courage.

In the deep hours of a June night, while most of the world is asleep, highways become a realm of solitude, illuminated only by the passing glow of headlights. It was during one such night, on June 18, 2023, that Michael, a professional truck driver, encountered a chilling scene in a border state off I-10.

At a dimly lit rest stop, a white pickup truck caught his attention. Covered with a tarp and suspiciously fitted with a cage, the vehicle hinted at something deeply sinister. As the tarp was lifted, Michael's worst fears were confirmed: inside the cage were three to four terrified young girls, mere toddlers.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Michael took immediate action. He discreetly contacted the police and kept a watchful eye on the truck. When the traffickers suspected they were being observed and tried to flee, Michael persisted, trailing them to ensure that law enforcement could intervene.

The grim reality unveiled was heart-wrenching. The cage was filled with even more young victims, some resting in hammocks and others crowded at the base. But thanks to Michael's timely intervention, they were rescued from this nightmarish ordeal.

In honor of his bravery, the TCA awarded Michael the “Highway Angel” title. The TCA Highway Angels program, with the support of EpicVue and DriverFacts, has been recognizing truck drivers who exhibit exemplary kindness, courtesy, and courage since 1997. To learn more about this initiative and read about other heroes, visit

For those wishing to witness the events of that fateful night, Michael captured them on video, available for viewing here.

Meadow Lark is immensely proud of the trucking community and the drivers like Michael who go above and beyond, ensuring not just the flow of commerce but also safeguarding the vulnerable. To Michael, and all the other vigilant truckers out there, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your bravery makes a world of difference.

We are proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Truckers Against Trafficking. Their mission is to teach, prepare, empower, and assemble members of the trucking industry to combat human trafficking.

When you join Meadow Lark, you join the fight. All employees of Meadow Lark undergo TAT training and are taught the signs of trafficking and what to do. We proudly support TAT as Gold Level sponsors and are proud to do our part for this cause.

“We have a responsibility in the trucking industry to help combat these vicious crimes. I am dedicated and honored to be a part of this, and I hope you, too, will join in the fight against trafficking.” – Amanda Roth, Owner & CEO

Signs of Human Trafficking

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