Meadow Lark Boosts Operational Efficiency with Strategic Partnership

Meadow Lark Agency, an established leader in the transport and logistics industry, has recently announced an exciting strategic alliance with OTR Solutions, a prominent Atlanta-based firm renowned for its expertise in factoring and trucking technology. This partnership aims to amplify Meadow Lark's carrier payment systems, bringing a wealth of benefits for both businesses and the transportation sector as a whole.

According to Amanda Roth, CEO of Meadow Lark, the collaboration with OTR Solutions will significantly elevate their carrier invoice management, a crucial facet of their operation. This move forms part of their wider business strategy to fortify operational excellence and financial resilience.

"Our loyal carrier base can rest assured that they will be promptly updated on all payments owed, thanks to the enhanced systems and procedures we've implemented with OTR Solutions," Amanda Roth remarked.

Leveraging OTR Solutions' superior back-office services, Meadow Lark can now channel more resources into nurturing carrier relationships and driving their strategic vision forward. Moreover, carriers under the Meadow Lark umbrella stand to reap numerous advantages from this partnership, such as 21-day payment cycles for new invoices and 3% 2-day QuickPay options, to name a few.

Fritz Owens, CEO of OTR Solutions, highlighted the immense potential this collaboration holds for the transportation industry. "We're thrilled to work with the Meadow Lark family of companies, an industry stalwart, to take their capabilities to the next level and ensure their continued progress."

Since its inception in 2011, OTR Solutions has built a solid track record in managing carrier invoice payments and enhancing efficiency with its robust factoring program. It’s no surprise they are well-equipped to overhaul Meadow Lark's carrier payments in the days to come.

Amanda Roth views this partnership as an exhilarating new chapter in Meadow Lark's evolution, expressing optimism about the prospects this presents for their carriers.

Meadow Lark and OTR Solutions are ready to catalyze significant advancements, delivering superior services, and propelling the transportation industry's growth.

About Meadow Lark Agency: Founded in 1983, Meadow Lark Agency, Inc. and Meadow Lark Transport, Inc. are a women-owned asset based 3PL with headquarters in Billings, MT. The company provides a comprehensive range of integrated services to cover every stage of the transportation lifecycle. Discover more at Meadow Lark.

About OTR Solutions: OTR Solutions delivers top-tier technology, financial services, tools, and support to assist carriers and brokers in launching and expanding a successful operation. Trucking companies and freight brokerages of all sizes turn to OTR for dependable financing and back-office solutions, a dedicated fuel team, timely news and education, and cutting-edge technology. Learn more at OTR Solutions.

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