How 3PLs Help Reduce Costs for Businesses

 The bigger your business, the bigger the cost is to run it. From giant corporations that are in the business of acquiring to expand their footprint to the small-town manufacturers that are hitting a boom in their industry, third-party logistics operations can help maintain and fuel that growth while possibly keeping the company from blowing out their budgets.

Time is money

If a company is starting to receive an influx in demand that will inevitably have a ripple effect in not just COGS but storage, logistics and certain operations. For every department that will be affected by this, it takes an undetermined amount of time and effort from leadership to plan and shift operations accordingly. This would look like more responsibilities being placed on employees that may have a plate already full or spending more to hire and train new team members.

Maybe the demand is forcing the businesses hand to dip themselves into an unfamiliar field such as warehousing when inventory becomes too much to carry in their current capacity. A company will have to spend time to research their solutions and create new processes from the ground up in some cases which can drag out production. In this sense, time is money, time that they could be using elsewhere to make sure the continued growth is sustained that they may be missing out on.

If done right and at the right time, a 3PL could save a company time and money by various outsourcing of business operations such as fulfillment, warehousing, logistical operations including shipping and receiving. By trusting in a reputable 3PL as a salve for their growing pains and everyday needs, a company could boost themselves into more possibilities for strategy and innovation.

Instead of inflating or developing a whole new department to deal with growth, a company has an option to hand off the operations to a third party that specializes in said department. This can alleviate a budget stretch for hiring new employees, training time, and any turnover that may happen from those that may be over worked.

An Experienced 3PL

We apply our skills, experience, technology, and logistics knowledge to meet your company’s objectives. Choosing Meadow Lark as your 3PL can ease your most common and even your uncommon transport headaches. We have a team with the know-how and the reputation behind us to ease your growing pains in your organization.

You can expect:

  • Meadow Lark utilizes personal visits to carrier partners for lasting relationships and control.
  • Tired of load board brokers? We utilize Platinum Carriers to match lane data.
  • Customized software creates lane synergies.
  • Quality dispatching methods used on EVERY shipment for 98% on-time performance.
  • GPS Tracking on all 3rd party carriers.
  • Carrier Performance Metrics analyzed and discussed.
  • Forecasting and market trends to provide competitive pricing.
  • Being an asset based carrier, we understand the need for control, communication and capacity.

Don’t get left behind or miss out on growth. Call us today to figure out a sustainable solution for your business! (866)736-5299

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