Driver of the Month


We are so proud of our drivers and the hard work they put into making Meadow Lark a great company. Every month we want to recognize one driver who goes above and beyond their duties; It's been tough because everyone has done such an excellent job! Thank you all for being part of this team; we love what each person does here at Meadow Lark!

October - 2021

Gregory Summers

“Drive safely!”

September - 2021

Tommy Meeks

“Don’t limit yourself, have an open mind.”

July - 2021

David Jablonski

“My only advice to everybody is to try to be friendly, polite and I think above all patient with the people you come into contact with. We guys are pretty free when out on the road. Imagine coming to work and dealing with people all day long. A kind word a friendly demeanor goes a long way. I really try to live by that.”

June - 2021

Jonathan Throgmorton

“To be successful in trucking, surround yourself with smart mechanics and drivers.”

May - 2021

Jim Mackey

“Just do what you are supposed to do”

April - 2021

Bobbie Jackson

“Stay focused, enjoy what you do and be safe, and let God be your copilot. And I want to thank you, Meadow Lark, for having me on board. You really are a great company to work for. Thanks again.”

March - 2021

Amado Maitland

“Stay consistent; the only way to move forward is to move. We all have problems, but I am yet to meet the person that can see the sky and say, 'my problem is bigger than what I’m looking at,' so keep it 100% be safe...”

February - 2021

Stanley Sandefer

“Honesty and integrity, be as honest and truthful as you are able, and at the end of the day, be honest with yourself and God you've done your best.”

January - 2021

Christopher Mackey

“Respect the road, and it will respect you.”

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