Meadow Lark Commission Calculator

How much can you earn?

Our Commission Calculator is used to calculate how much commission you could possibly earn.

3 Avg gross revenue from brokered freight/month
4 Avg net revenue from brokered freight/month Less Brokered Expenses
5 Annual cost of cargo insurance
7 Number of trucks you own
8 Avg miles/truck/month
9 Avg gross revenue/truck/month Total Gross Revenue/month
10 Avg FSC per mile paid/truck Total FSC paid/month
11 Gross minus FSC
12 Avg Cargo Insurance expense/truck/month
13 Avg Liability Insurance/truck/month Total ins charges/month
14 Gross minus ins
15 Avg Bad debt/truck/month
16 # of credit checks/month Bad debt & credit per truck
17 Avg cost/credit check Avg cost of bad debt & CC
18 Gross minus bad debt, etc.
19 Monthly cost of current employee(s)
20 Gross minus salaries
23 % Paid to Factoring Company, If applicable (Subtracted if factored in)
24 Monthly gross
24A Avg Driver Pay/Month/Truck Total of Driver payroll for month
24B Adjusted Gross Income
25 Avg door sign/month Door signs
26 Avg drug test/month Sign on drug test
27 Number of cash advancements/truck/month
28 Avg cost for advancements/month Cost for advancements
29 Cost for advertising/truck/month Cost for advertising
30 Avg $ spent in claims/truck/month Cost of claims
31 Yearly inspection/truck Yearly inspections
32 MVR report cost/truck/month Avg MVR/month
33 % of drivers required to take a random drug test
34 Cost of random drug test Avg cost of DT/month
35 Est. FedEx/DHL/UPS charges/truck/year
36 Supplies/year Avg supplies/Month
37 NM, OR, TX, NY permits/truck/year Permits/month
38 IFTA & UCR/truck/year IFTA & UCR/truck/month
38B Non-Truck Insurance/Month
38C Physical Damage/Month/Truck
38D TMS/Month
38E Plates/truck/year
38F Other
40 Subtotal monthly expenses
42 Revenue from brokered freight
43 Estimated Monthly Net

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