Red Chair

This single chair may be my favorite piece of furniture. Not for its appearance, but for what it represents to Meadow Lark, my family, and the value of living an honest life.

My father, Rick Jones, started Meadow Lark nearly 40 years ago. He had a phone, a card table, a new red chair, and the determination to make a living and provide for his family in a way he could be proud of.

He also created the idea of “No bad deals, whereby everyone in the transportation relay– customers, carriers, drivers, and Meadow Lark – operated in an environment of integrity and came away with a fair deal.

Many companies claim to have "values and integrity," but few live by their words. Rick sat upon the four humble, metal pillars, and worked through the challenges, training me in the process.

The red chair is a symbol of our lives: fatigue and joy, disappointment and success. It will always stand as our first guide for our hardest decisions and our deepest convictions.

— Mandy Roth, CEO

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