Agents Platinum Agent Program

A strategic plan to grow your business.

At Meadow Lark, our goal is to reward consistent contract carriers. Meeting certain criteria could move you through special opportunities for more business and great discounts!

Bronze Level

500,000 and under
60% commissions

$1-$3 million 8%

All-Inclusive Advantages

Silver Level

$500,000-$2 million

$3-$6 million 9%;

All Inclusive Advantages, Personal Driver Recruiting, Paid Advertising

Gold Level

$2-3 million

$6-10 million 10%

All Inclusive Advantages, Personal Driver Recruiting, Paid Advertising, Paid trip to Agent Summit

Platinum Level

Over $3 million 70%
Transport Over $10 million 10+%

All-Inclusive Advantages, Personal Driver Recruiting, Paid Advertising, Paid Custom Webpage, Office Signage, Paid Internet Truck Stop and DAT logins (up to 5 total), Paid trip to Agent Summit, Meadow Lark E-Magazine highlight


Transport Pro

Industry-leading transportation software. With this package, transportation professionals completely transition your business with no down time.


The Vigillo real time inspection data helps prevent future violations. The Infinity Training is a driver training course to educate on better safety at any time.

Credit & Collections

Credit can be frustrating and costly if not done correctly. All customers and brokers are vetted to ensure that payments will be made. Prompt credit and contract signature.

Support & Insurance

24 hour unlimited support for all of your needs. Drivers are covered under our $2M liability/$1M cargo plan.

Ongoing Training

Professional trainers are available 24/7 to train you and your staff. Ongoing training sessions are helpful for full understanding of the program.

Billing, Settlements & Cashflow

All billing and payments will be done through this package to free up time. Receive your pay every seven days, which increases your cash flow dramatically.


With over 20 years in the industry, our recruiters will help screen and sign drivers to your terminal freeing up time and resources for your needs.


Drivers go through an online platform called Tenstreet that easily walks drivers through your qualifications, while also eliminating waiting for DOT required paperwork.


A fully-trained team with timely turn-around gets drivers on the road.


Receive the top-of-the-line Omnitracs unit. Easy installation and the industry leader. Omnitrac units come with a scanner that automatically uploads paperwork, saving time and money.

Customer Sales

Receive opportunities from the Meadow Lark sales team to increase your business, keep your trucks loaded.


Dispatching is made simple with automated messaging to your drivers. Tracking your equipment is done in real time with the Transport Pro system.


Advertising is paid within your target market. Aligned with your hiring needs, qualified drivers are heading your way.


Whether needing to start a brokerage or enhance your exisiting brokerage, Meadow Lark has the tools and training to help you.

Major Discounts

Major discounts within the Meadow Lark network are provided for fuel, tires, and trailers, etc.

Orientation & Driver Bonus

Business Owners Drivers receive specific orientations in safety, payroll, and support. $5,000 per driver for sign on, clean inspection bonus.

Fuel Tax & Driver Referral

Fuel tax aid for all drivers. Referral cards are issued to drivers to earn $2,500 per qualified driver hired.

Meadow Lark Name

By partnering with the Meadow Lark family, you are partnering with over 35 years in business, and our outstanding reputation of doing things ethically and honestly.


All of your information is kept completely confidential while you select your program level. percentages negotiated based on annual revenue fee will be deducted on a per load basis.

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